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Victoria Honours Arts and Business | Speech Communication | Alum

Victoria Honours Arts and Business | Speech Communication by UWaterloo Faculty of Arts

Victoria is the founder and editor-in-chief of Passion8, an online magazine. She started the publication while on her third work term. The project brings together up-and-coming young professionals from many different creative fields.

“I wasn’t going to take on a career I wasn’t passionate about and I wanted to help others find that same passion too. That’s why I started Passion8 Magazine.”

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“I worked at an events and media company for one month last summer while I was looking for a paid co-op position, and sat beside the Editor-In-Chief of their publication. She shared with me some insight into the inner workings of magazines, and I fell in love.”

Victoria’s creative process requires a clean desk and quiet atmosphere and involves a lot of sketches and brainstorming. She forms those into ideas that others can better understand, whether in text or visually. In addition to the magazine, she’s been designing clothing for the last two years and working in different mediums like paint, charcoal, photography, mixed media, and graphic design.

Victoria sitting in a chair

“I absolutely love the feeling of sharing with others, especially because this magazine is not all my work, I am sharing the hard work of so many other like-minded individuals and that’s what means the most. I get a lot of credit for starting this initiative, but I give a lot of credit to my contributors, especially those who have stood by me with every issue.”

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Victoria sitting in a chair

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