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Kalil Global Business and Digital Arts

Kalil Global Business and Digital Arts by UWaterloo Faculty of Arts

The combination of business and the digital arts encourages students to think both logically and creatively. Kalil, a Global Business and Digital Arts (GBDA) student, applies the skills he has learned within the classroom during his internships, in his extra-curricular activities, and on his own YouTube channel. Kalil is always looking to push the limits of what he is capable of by constantly seeking new opportunities.


The diversity and quality of the subjects that are offered reeled me in hook, line and sinker!

While exploring his university options, Kalil noticed that other post-secondary institutions gave him the option to specialize in only one of the many subjects he is passionate about. Enter GBDA.

Kalil was drawn to the GBDA program because it offered him a perfect mix of graphic design, videography and business. Kalil enjoys the practical environment GBDA provides, which allows him to work closely with like-minded classmates who share his passions. He’s also appreciated the unique perspective that being a Waterloo Arts student provides; being surrounded by so many other faculties has widened his scope and experiences as he’s moved through his degree.

Endless opportunities

During the summer of his first year, Kalil landed a videography and content creator role with Now Creative Group, a creative agency in Toronto. Since starting with the company, Kalil has worked with many clients, including CIBC and Basil Box, practicing the skills he’s developed through his program.

It was such a great experience that they’ve decided to keep me on during the school year for some ongoing projects, so I’m continuously able to apply the skills I learn from GBDA in the real world.

This opportunity has inspired Kalil to pursue his own creative projects, including his own vlogs and a bigger ventureー a series called What’s Up, Waterloo. On the show, Kalil interviews entrepreneurs and other personalities on-campus. So far, he’s had the opportunity to feature Equithon; Coffee ‘N Code, a club that focuses on teaching code to beginner developers; and Global Business Brigades, an organization that sends students to South American countries to teach underdeveloped communities crucial skills in business and much more.

My team and I reach out to the entrepreneurs in Waterloo and interview them about their experience in the region and their unique stories. The community on campus is filled with so much talent, it only made sense for me to showcase the people who make the University of Waterloo and the city such an amazing place.

Future endeavours

When asked about what comes next, Kalil sees himself continuing to pursue his current work, but on a larger scale. He wants to continue to meet awesome people to share their stories through content he produces. Kalil’s involvement within the community, and amazingly infectious energy and passion towards creating content, will surely provide him with endless opportunities.

When asked to offer advice to incoming Waterloo Arts students, Kalil encourages them not to shy away from taking risks.

Embrace this big step in your life, it only happens once and it’s a great opportunity for you to discover yourself and your abilities. It’s going to be scary, I know how scary it can get, but the best thing about going to university is that everyone’s in the same situation and knows how it feels, so you’re in good hands.

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