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Giovanna Honours Arts and Business | Fine Arts and Psychology

Giovanna Honours Arts and Business | Fine Arts by UWaterloo Faculty of Arts

For Giovanna, an Honours Arts and Business student double majoring in fine arts and psychology, university isn’t just about getting an education and working towards a career goal. It’s also about learning who she is and where she fits in in the world. Her passion for art and her deep connection with the community have been driving forces in pursuing her goals and the flexibility of the Honours Arts and Business program allowed her to combine two distinct majors that will ultimately help her establish a career in art therapy and help her make a difference in other people’s lives.  

“Anything that includes interacting with people, while utilizing the arts as a tool for that, I’m down for. It’s about doing something I love and sharing that with people.”

Giovanna sitting in chair

“It’s all about plugging yourself into one source and opportunities start coming to your door. In second year, with my roommate, we made it a goal to go somewhere new every week in Uptown Waterloo and explore. I never realized how many festivals, workshops, and culture there are in this city.”

Giovanna was part of the Residence Council when she started at UWaterloo and is now serving her fourth term as a don, an upper year leadership role in student housing that creates a safe and fun environment for residents. Being a don allowed Giovanna to connect with other like-minded people that she grew to become close with and share her life with.

“I found a home in the residence community and I really wanted to continue being a part of this community and to give back”

By going out and immersing herself in the campus community, Giovanna was able to make a difference in students’ lives by being their mentor and friend. More importantly however, she believes it’s about what she could learn about herself from her students.

Giovanna sitting in chair

Managing a double major studies workload with a demanding social life was not always easy for Giovanna, but she cites that it was the campus community around her that made all the difference.

“I don’t do it alone. The reason why I am still here today and why I am able to keep going, to continue to try to balance everything and to fit in, is because of the support of the community and those around me that are constantly there for me.”

After her undergraduate studies, Giovanna plans to pursue grad school to study art therapy in hopes that she can one day run her own creative clinic.

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