Essential Web based

Samir Amin: "Pure Economics is a Parascience”

Bernard Crick, Socialist Values and Time

John Dewey, Logical Conditions of a Scientific Treatment of Morality

Albert Einstein, Why Socialism?

Kaldor Epitaph to Thatcher: 

CA Reich Beyond The New Property: An Ecological View Of Due Process

Pierre Bourdieu, Utopia Of Endless Exploitation The essence of neoliberalism 

John McMurtry Fascism And Neo-Conservatism: Is There A Difference? 

John Mcmurty, Global Crises 2016: Western Media, the Public Interest, Corrupting Youth, the Real Terrorism, Collective Consciousness, Global Research, January 2016.

John Meisel: The Curse And Potential Of Greed: Social And Political Issues Arising From Acquisitiveness

John Pilger, The Liberal Way to Run the World: “Improve” or We’ll Kill You. Convenient Myths And Liberal Imperialism:

SaulJR HageyLecture, Power versus the Pubic Good1996V2.pdf


John Ralston Saul on Corporatism: 
lack of democracy and legitimization of corruption

Amartya Sen Democracy as a Universal Value Journal of Democracy 10.3 (1999) 3-17

Róbinson Rojas The murder of Allende: And the end of the Chilean way to socialism (Harper and Row, New York, 1975,1976; Fitzhenry&Whiteside Ltd., Toronto, Canada, 1975)

“On capitalist economic and political terrorism, the visible hand of capitalist markets and criminal minds From The Economist - July 7th 2012 | from the print edition

W. A Schabas, Canada and the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights McGillLawJournal1998 Revue de droit de McGill To be cited as: (1998) 43 McGill L.J. 403. (On Kingston Stick)

Letter #1 and #2 Andre Gunder Frank to Milton Friedman and Arnold Harberger.