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Marshall Steinbaum and Bernard Weisberger, “When Economics Was Radical,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 4 2016,

BOB NEEDHAM's other links

Basic Income etc.
A Changing Money System by Margrit Kennedy 
An Unconditional Basic Income for Canada? (2000)
American Perspective on Basic Income
An Open Letter to Hon. Jim Flaherty re Bank of Canada and Establishment of a Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)
Australian Basic Income etc
Basic Income Bibliography
BIEN, Basic Income Earth Network
Canada and Basic Income
Canadian Social Research links, Guaranteed Annual Income: 
Citizen's Income in the U.K.
Derek Hum and Wayne Simpson, A GUARANTEED ANNUAL INCOME? FROM MINCOME TO The MIllemium

Whatever happened to Canada's GBI Project (Hum and Simpson)

Historical Basis for Universal Income Systems (from: New Zealand website for Universal Income Trust) 
Jim Smith, Separating Survival from Work: The Quest for a Guaranteed Income:
Livable Income for Everyone (LIFE) 
New Zealand Basic Income etc: #1
New Zealand Basic Income etc: #2
Open Letter to the PM 
Open Letter to the Prime Minister on An Unconditional Basic Income (December 4, 2006)
Philippe Van Parijs, A Basic Income 
Poverty must be addressed 
Social Currency 
Socio Economic Democracy (SeD). Rondinaro's review of Robley George's Book Socioeconomic Democracy (2002)
Socio-Economic Security Programme Home Page: 
The Mother of all Websites Concerning Anti-poverty Welfare/Workfare
The Need for Basic Income: An Interview with Philippe Van Parijs:
TimeWork Web 


Consumer Protection and the Citizen — including: Reclaiming (saving) the University from the Corporate Agenda" “he is certainly not a good citizen who does not wish to promote, by every means in his power, the welfare of the whole society of his fellow-citizens.” — Adam Smith, Theory of Moral Sentiments. PART VI? II Protection

Dr. Ron Lang's View of the UW and 50th Anniversary Edition of the University of Waterloo Magazine

Dr. Ron Lang's View of UW and 50th Anniversity of the University of Waterloo to the editor of Waterloo Magazine 
John Meisel, The 2005 Hagey Lecture (The Curse and Potential of Greed: Social and Poltical Issues Arising from Acquisitivess) 

Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive:

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression:

CJFE and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) Charter challenge against Bill C-51: 


Report of the Ad Hoc Investigatory Committee Into the Department of Economics at the University of Manitoba January 2015:


RipOff Reports (Category: Corrupt Companies): 
Paul, Kitchener, Ontario:
Re-upholstering Nightmare toronto, Ontario:

Other Links etc.
Shoppers naive About Online Prices by Ted Bridis AP, June 01, 2005. 
Open to Exploitation:



Corporate Responsibility:

Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission:
The Westray Mine Explosion: An Examination of the Interaction Between the Mine Owner and the Media:


Economic History and History of Economic Thought:

Ancient Economies
Archive of the History of Economic Thought (McMaster):

Economic Democracy: the Political Struggle of the Twenty-First Century
Economic History
Galbraith John K. Letter to the editor: Wage controls: reluctance to accept the inevitable, [The Times, (July 16, 1975), Wednesday, July 16, 1975; pg. 15] 

Heterodox Economics
Informational Directory for Heterodox Economists: Journals, Book Series, Websites, and Graduate and Undergraduate Programs: 
International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics:
Lee, Fred and Steve Keen, Should Heterodox Economists Show Neoclassical Microeconomics any Respect?


Robert Michels, Political Parties: A Sociological Study of the Oligarchical Tendencies of Modern Democracy: 

Joan Robinson, Teaching Economics: 

New School for Social research-History of Economic Thought: (a from A to Z website)

John Dewey, Democracy and Education:
John Dewey, Logical Conditions of a Scientific Treatment of Morality:
John Dewey's, The School and Society:

Thomas J. DiLorenzo Economic Fascism:

Marglin, S. “What do Bosses Do?: The Origins and Functions of Hierarchy in Capitalist Production.” The Review of Radical Political Economics, VI:2(1974).
Marglin, S. “What do Bosses Do?: Part II The Review of Radical Political Economics, VII:I(1975). 
Paul Starr, "The Meaning of Privatization," Yale Law and Policy Review 6 (1988): 6-41.

Leo Tolstoy, The Slavery of our Times:
Leo Tolstoy, Master and Man:

Veblen, Thorsten: The Vested Interests and the Common Man (text at McMaster):
Thorstein Veblen, The Theory of the Leisure Class;
Thorstein Veblen The Vested Interests and the Common Man 1919:

Declaration of the Rights of Man:
Proudhon, P. J (1809.1.15-1865.1.16). What is Property? An Inquiry into the 
Principle of Right and of Government ( (457 PAGES TO LOAD):
THE OECONOMICAL TABLE An Attempt Towards Ascertaining and Exhibiting the
Source, Progress, and Employment of Riches, with Explanations, by the friend of Mankind, the celebrated MARQUIS de MIRABEAU 
Schumpeter, J. A (1883.2.8-1950.1.8):
Mary Woolstonecraft: A Vindication of the Rights of Women:
Allyn A. Young, Increasing Returns and Economic Progress. The Economic Journal, volume 38 (1928), pp. 527-42:
Documents in the History of Economics: 
Post-Autistic Economics Network (including archives of PAE Review)
W.-Robert Needham, The Essentials of Capitalism Through Definitions 
Nicholas Kaldor’s Epitaph [They create a desert and call it stability] to Margaret Thatcher (The Economic Consequences of Mrs Thatcher) 
James K Galbraith: The Collapse of Monetarism and the Irrelevance of  the New Monetary Consensus: 25th Annual Milton Friedman Distinguished  Lecture at Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio, March 31, 2008


Paul Krugman "Milton Friedman, Unperson," New York Times,  (August 8, 2013).


JP Bouchard: Economics needs a scientific revolution


The EinsteinFest- Will Einstein's Social Contributions be Ignored? 

Einstein's Why Socialism?  
The EinsteinFest: 
The Einstein Home Page:
Albert Einstein Online: 
Albert Einstein: 
W.-Robert Needham, The Essentials of Capitalism Through Definitions

Globalization and its Institutions:
The World Bank and the International Monetary fund
The Case Against the Global Economy (1996)-Under the Rules of "Globalized"
Capitalism,trade trumps Democracy

International Monetary Fund

Health Care:  Public and Private

The Sicko Official Web Site:

Sicko:  The US Health Care Industry (Some Comments from Newspapers)

Do go to see this film.  It is Michael Moore's best so far!

BlueCross Secret Memo


Money, Interest and Debt Slavery:
A + B AND THE BANKERS C. H. Douglas First Published in the New Age,(January 22/29, 1925)
Clear Profit: The Bulletin of Financial Ethics
GE Creed and Government Control of Money 

The History of Money  

Ancient Currency: A Guide to Money in Ancient Times by Charles Parker:

Counting Money: Teaching Kids How To Count Money: 

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada:

Money Management Tips for Teens:

Learning About Investing For Teens

W. Krehm: Draft of Proposal for Using the Bank of Canada to Finance Vital Municipal Projects
VZ Nuri, Fractional Reserve Banking as Economic Parasitism: A Scientific,Mathematical and Historical Expose, Critique, and Manifesto (download it in PDF from the economics papers archive)
US Bank Money Laundering - Enormous By Any Measure By James Petras: 
McMurtry, John: Banks and the Cancer Stage of Capitalism 
COMER -- September 2004
COMER - NovDEc 2015

Social Currency 
A Changing Money System by Margrit Kennedy
Prosperity: Freedom from Debt Slavery 
Debt Slavery? Congress Approves Bush's Bankruptcy Bill 
David Swanson, Debt Slavery: What The Bankruptcy Bill Could Do To You: 
Ellen Hodgson Brown, Web of Debt: 
Islamic Banking Web Sites: IRTI Publication Management System (IRTIPMS
3rd International Islamic Banking, Finance & Insurance (Takaful): Conference: 
Dr. Robert A. Mundell, 1999 Nobel Laureate: Uses and Abuses of Gresham's Law

Margrit Kennedy, Why Do We Need Monetary Innovation:

Margrit Kennedy, Complementary Currencies and the Chiemgauer Project:

Monet Network Alliance:

Dr. Robert A. Mundell, 1999 Nobel Laureate: Uses and Abuses of Gresham's Law in the History of Money

Margrit Kennedy: Interest and Inflation Free Money (Copyright 1995 by Margrit Kennedy) (Published by Seva International; 
ISBN 0-9643025-0-0:

Reinventing Money Bibliography

Richard C. Cook, Monetary Reform and How a National Monetary System Should Work

Richard C. Cook, An Emergency Program of Monetary Reform for the United States Global Research, April 26, 2007L

Richard C. Cook, The Basic Income Guarantee and Monetary Reform: A  Tale of Two Ideas, Saturday, 24 March 2007

Prosperity: Freedom from Debt Slavery:



Policy Links:
The Sumultaneous Policy: Breaking Down the Barriers to Solving World

The Electronic Policy Network

James Galbraith, Maastricht 2042 and the Fate of Europe

Progressive Organizations:
Anti-Fascist Organization 
Banneker Center for Economic Justice
Bien: Basic Income European Network
Caledon Institute of Social Policy
Canadian Action Party 
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives 
Canadian Dimension Links
Campaign for Labour Rights 
CCPA Monitor Index May 2005 
Center for the Study of Democratic Societies
Citizens on the Web News
Civic Practices Network (USA)
Common Dreams News Centre
Common Dreams Organization 
Communications for a Sustainable Future
Corporations: Readings Links
Democracy University
Democratic Leadership Council (USA)
Dollars and Sense:
Dollars and Sense Archive:
Douglas-Coldwell Foundation 
Fabian Society
Fictitious Capital, Real Retrogression 
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Web
Institute for Economic Democracy
Inter-Activist Info Exchange 
The International Confederation of Associations for the Reform of Economics
International Socialist Organization
The Jerome Levy Institute of Bard Coillege (efficiency and justice)
Left Business Observer 
National Association of Socially Responsible Organizations
New Internationalist
New Internationaliston-line Mega List 
North American Institute
Political and Ethical Knowledge on Economic Activities 
Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) is based at the University
of Massachusetts, Amherst
Privatisation, Power & Poverty 
Progressive Economists Network List Archives
Progressive Policy Institute (USA)
Socialist Party of Canada
Socialist Party of Canada Button
Southern California Americans for Democratic Action
Spirituality in Education

Sustainable Economics 
The Transnational Institute
This is Capitalism
Twentieth Century Fund
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
War on Want:  
Working TV 
World Socialist Movement
World Socialist Party of the United States
Z-Net: A link to Communities of people concerned about social change

Progressive Economics Forum

Ad Busters 

Progressive Home Pages and Articles:

A Charter for Global Democracy
Achieving a Livable, Peaceful World-A democratic response to globalization
Against fundamentalism conference 1997-Texts archive
Albert Einstein, Why Socialism?
Samir Amin, Crisis Management, Culture and Society
Andre Gunder Frank
Australian Society of Heterodox Economists 
Bernard Crick's Socialist Values and Time, Fabian Society No. 495
Capitalism's CrashList 
Michel Chossudovsky, The Global Financial Crisis
Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance 
CCPA Monitor Index May 2005 
The Marxism Mailing List
Mason Clark
Mason Clark 
Frank Cunningham on Could Canada Turn into Bosnia?
Frank Cunningham on Could Canada Turn into Bosnia? (Revised Paper 1999)
Myron Frankman, Planet-Wide Citizen's Income: Antidote to Global Apartheid
The evolution of the ideas of global citizenship, human rights and the need for globalization from below and a planet-wide guaranteed income.
Susan George's Home Page
James K. Galbraith on How the Economists Got It Wrong
Jay Hanson
Harpers Magazine 
John Ralston Saul Hagey Lecture 1996.pdf (Power versus the Public Good: The Conundrum of the Individual and Society)
John Ralston Saul, Democracy and Globalization
John Ralston Saul, The End of Rationalism
John Ralston Saul on Corporatism: lack of democracy and legitimization of corruption
John Ralston Saul, Quotes from the Unconscious Civilization
John Ralston Saul, A Biographical Note
Hanson, J. on Capitalism Against Democracy
Humanist Association of Canada
Inequality in the United States 
Kelly on Wealth is A Zero Sum Game 
Manifesto for a Socialist Canada (ONDP, 1999)
Self-Ownership, History and Socialism: An Interview with G.A. Cohen
Sub-Commandant Marcos, WHY WE ARE FIGHTING-The fourth world war has begun

Brian Massam H. "An Essay on Civil Society"

Robin Matthews, Canada: The Road to Fascism, from 11945 to Stephen Harper

McMurtry, John #2--Global Market Doctrine 
McMurtry, John #1--On John Locke 
McMurtry, John -- Fascism and Neo-Conservatism: Is there a Difference?
McMurtry, John -- Banks and the Cancer Stage of Capitalism 
Donella H. Meadows -- Responsible Wealth
John Mihevc, "The Fundamentalist Theology of Neo-Liberalism
Michael Moore 
Needham, W.R. on The Political Economy Approach to Social System Analysis--including various tables
Needham, W.R. on The Morality of Alternative Social Systems
Needham, W.R. on Make the Rich Pay: Types of Capitalist Governments (Tax Burden Definitions) 
Pen-l Archives
Regina Manifesto
Amartya Sen --"Democracy as a Universal Value"
Soft Relativism and the Malaise of Modernity (McNeil, 1997)
Adele M. Stan, Right Wing Onslaught against Mainstream Churches
Sustainable Development (European Foundation Site)
Sustainable Development Research Institute, Social Capital Formation and Institutions for Sustainability
Sustainable Justice for All "Local to Global"
Sustainability - A Choice to Consider
The Anti-Thomas Friedman Page
The Essence of Neoliberalism (Bourdieu, 1995)
The Transnational Institute 
The Lets System
Third World Traveler ("Think independently, question authority, work for justice and peace"): 
Third World Traveler Index of Web site 
Third World Traveler's Progressive Web sites on Socialism
Workers Web: Castro, Lenin, Connolly, Maclean archives
The World Revolution
World Socialist Web Site 
Paula Xanthopoulou, Rightwing Fundamentalist Forces & US Mainstream"
Laura Pinto, Critical Thinking and the Myth of the Entrepreneur in Business Education:

James Galbraith, Maastricht 2042 and the Fate of Europe


Reclaiming Democracy

Centre for Research on Glbalization



Canadian Studies Courses:

Mathews, Robin Canadian Foundations 

David Skinner, McLuhan's World and Ours (The Public Interest, Winter 2000)

David Bosworth, The Spirit of Capitalism, 2000 (The Public Interest, Winter2000)

Garrett Hardin (1968) "The Tragedy of the Commons," Science,162(1968):1243-1248


Canadian Studies Links:
Arctic Science & Technology Information System
Association for Canadian Studies
Association of Canadian Studies in the United States
Avro Arrow
Canada's Digital Collections
Canada Online
Canadian Biographies
Canadian Club Home Page
Canadian Club Canadiana Links
Canadian Studies: Blackwell's Guide to the Sources
Canadian Universities
Canadian History and Economics (UBC)
Canadian ISBN Publisher's Directory
Connecting Canadians to the World 
Culture Net/Calgary/English
Culture Net/Calgary/French
Canadian Architecture Collection (CAC) /McGill
Early Canadiana On-Line
Governance in the 21st Century (RSC Symposium)
Full Frame - Videos and Films on Social Justice and International Development
Heritage Database Consulting - Native Studies
Historical Statistics of Canada
Interesting Facts About Canada (Government of Canada)
Intergovernmental Affairs, Canada
Interlog Internet Services (Canada's Best Link to the Internet)
ITP Politics/Canadian Politics on the www
John Humphrey Bibliography
London Journal of Canadian Studies
D.H. Mattison's British Columbia History Internet/Web Site, etc.
Maple Square-Canada's Internet Directory
McGill Conference on RCAP
McGill Institute for the Study of Canada
Royal Society of Canada 
Schabas, William A., "Canada and the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," (1998) 43 McGill Law Journal, 403. [When open search under "Schabas." He discusses John Humphrey's role and is most revealing about Canada's federal cabinet. You will need Adobe Acrobat to open and download this article since it is a pdf file.]
Study in Canada
The Canadian Resource Page/English
The Canadian Resource Page/French
The International Council for Canadian Studies
The CRB Heritage Project
Vaclav Havel, Kosovo and the End of the Nation-State

Statistical Sources:
Economic Growth Research (The World Bank Group)
Historical Statistics of Canada
Statistics Canada 
TriUniversity Data Resources
US Bureau of Labour Statistic
US Census Bureau 


Native People:
Aboriginal People and Section 25 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Bruce H. Wildsmith)
Canadian Indians
Canadian Native People and Environment
Indian and Northern Affairs
Lisa Mittens and North American Indians
National Association of Friendship Centres
Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres
RCAP-Full Report
References to Natives and Human Rights (Government of Canada)
Summary Report RCAP
Tribal Communications Resources htm

Labour and Union Materials:
Bibliography on Globalization and Workers Rights (UC Berkeley)
Canadian Labour Congress
Canadian Labour History
Canadian Labour History Bibliography
Canadian Labour History -- Guide to Resources
Canadian International Labour Network (McMaster)
Elaine Bernard 
Elaine Bernard -- "Why Unions Matter" 
Elaine Bernard -- "Workplace Democracy"
Elaine Bernard -- "Kinder Gentler Canada"
European Trade Union Institute
Futurework 21st Century (USGov)
Guelph-Wellington Coalition for Social Justice
Harvard Trade Union Program
International Centre for Trade Union Rights
ILO-International Institute for Labour Studies
Just Labour: A Canadian Journal of Work & Society:
Labour Net
Labour on Trade: WTO, FTAA, MAI
Stephen Lerner -- "Reviving Unions"
Socio-Economic Security Programme Home Page:

The Courts, the Constitution, World Governance, Human Rights, etc.

Declaration of the rights of Man - 1789

A Declaration of the Rights of Man. (A charter prepared in 1940, under the Chairmanship of Lord Sankey, and originally drafted for discussion by H. G. Wells.)

A Charter of Scientific Fellowship (initiated in 1942 also by H G Wells): 


Amnesty International
Amnesty International Links
A Critique of the Proposed "Multilateral Agreement on Investment" (MAI) by Alfred F. Andersen
A Summary of United Nations Agreements on Human Rights
Canada and International Human Rights (main Menu)
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Government of Canada)
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Laurentia)
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (McMaster)
Canadian Legislation : Consolidated Laws of Canada 
Charter for Global Democracy:
CHILE-US: US Documents Confirm Destabilisation of Allende
Columbia International Affairs Online
Commission on Global Governance
Countries that Voted for, and that Abstained from the UN UDHR, December 10, 1948

Department of Justice (Canada) Laws of Canada
Earth Government 
Enriching the Universality of Human Rights, An Islamic Perspective
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute's web site 
General Resources on Human Rights
Global Development Centre
The Global Community 
The Global Community Newsletters
Global Development and Environment Institute 
Globalization and Human Rights
Global Studies Association [The GSA (UK)]
Goodbye Allende. Hello Pinochet-Marxist threat to cola sales? Pepsi demands a US coup
Graça Machel, Impact of Armed Conflict on Children: 
Human Resources Development Canada
Human Rights Links (British Columbia Human Rights Coalition)
Integrating Human Rights with Sustainable Human Development: A UNDP policy document January 1998
International Centre for Human Rights and Economic Development
John Humphrey Bibliography
Justin Stein, The Second Coming: The Global Market and the Need for an International Political Authority
Legal Resources on the Internet (work in progress)
MAI-NAFTA on Steroids or
MAI-NAFTA on Steroids
NGO's (Nongovernmental Organizations)
One World Net
One World/World Party links
Our Global Neighbourhood
Patricia Hughes -- "The Enhanced Power of the Judiciary and Democracy"
Project for the First People's First Century:
Report of the Advisory Committee on the Changing Workplace (HRD Canada)
RIGHTS-CHILE: Hot Debate over Extent of US Intervention in Coup
RRojas Data Bank: 
Susan George's Home Page
The Fair Justice Society
The Hague Appeal for Peace
The Transnational Institute (Susan George)
Understanding Human Rights
UNITED KINGDOM Universal jurisdiction and absence of immunity for crimes against humanity
United Kingdom: The Pinochet Case - Universal Jurisdiction and the Absence of Immunity for Crimes Against Humanity
United Nations: Fast facts: The Declaration of Human Rights, Wednesday, December 9, 1998 Published at 15:24 GMT
United Nations: High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations-International Court of Justice 
United Nations-International Criminal Court
United Nations-International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
United Nations, Human Rights Website
United Nations, Chronology of Events
United Nations, Comission on Global Governance
United Nations: Fact Sheet No. 2 (Rev.1), The International Bill of Human Rights
United Nations: 1998 50th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Basic information kit no. 1
United Nations; Fiftieth Anniversary UDHR
United Nations: Women's Rights the Responsibility of All: Basic information kit no. 2
United Nations: Children's Rights: Creating a Culture of Human Rights: Basic information kit no. 3
United Nations: Human Rights Education: Lesson for Life: Basic information kit no. 4
United Nations: Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
United Nations: Status of Ratification of UN Conventions and Protocols:
Schabas, William A., "Canada and the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," (1998) 43 McGill Law Journal, 403. [When open search under "Schabas." He discusses John Humphrey's role and is most revealing about Canada's federal cabinet. You will need Adobe Acrobat to open and download this article since it is a pdf file.]
Vaclav Havel, Kosovo and the End of the Nation-State
WSDA: Whole Systems Design Association

Canadian Government (and other countries) etc
Countries of the World
Government of Canada
Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry
The World Fact Book 
Tommy Douglas and Mouseland

The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economics (also erroneously known as the Noble Prize in Economics):
Yves Gingras, (Université du Québec á Montréal) "Beautiful Mind, Ugly Deception: The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Science", Post-Autistic Economics Review, Issue No. 17, December 4, 2002
Bob Mundell's Home Page
Bob Mundel's Siena, Italy, Residence, Villa di Santa Colombo (and next door), in July 1973
Columbia University Home Page
O Canada: A neglected nation gets its Nobel. By Paul Krugman991018
Paul Krugman's Home Page
"About" Poll on Nobel Prize Awards
RA Wirtz, The Beauty (Pageant?) of Economics
The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel
The Nobel Foundation
The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics
The Politics of an Economics Prize (NCPA)

The Third World War
John McMurtry "Understanding the U.S. War State." 
Axis of Finding Clarity in the 21st Century
Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World 
W.-Robert Needham, The Essentials of Capitalism Through Definitions 
Thomas P.M. Barnett, US Naval War College,The Pentagon's New Map-why we're [USA] going to war and why we'll keep going to war 
Super Imperialism
I'm Getting Ready For World War Three:
If George Only Had A Brain
Biggest Threat to Peace (US) -- from Time Magazine:
David Olive, The End of the Neo-Cons 
A Priceless Picture
US always had Sadam

Kennedy's Warning

John F. Kennedy, "The President and the Press" (April 27, 1961)

Commencement Address?President John F. Kennedy?John M. Reeves Athletic  Field, American University, Washington DC?June 10, 1963

John F. Kennedy vs The Federal Reserve

President John F.Kennedy,The Federal Reserve And Executive Order

The End of America? Naomi Wolf Thinks It Could Happen By Don Hazen, AlterNet. Posted November 21, 2007