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David Copperfield again

I'm still working my way through DC, although last night I started a John Le Carre that has been in my "save for a rainy day pile." The rainy day turned out to be snowy, but involved a rich and long contact with the outflows of my home -- sewer back up. Seven hours, all told, of plumbers. 

I'm lagging in my DC reading, to be honest. I'm at the part about Little Em'ly, Ham, and Steerforth. Now Steerforth has been so evidently crooked from the beginning, and Dickens -- in my humble opinion -- hasn't handled his character with enough irony -- other than the fact that we can appreciate David's naivete and need, there's not much else that can help us rationalize his attachment to a character that we can see is untrustworthy, trouble in an Eton collar. Better to have given us some way of sympathizing with the guy. So the build up to whatever's going to happen is just painful for the reader, who sees David, Little Em, and poor Ham heading for sadness. Oh well.