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Style Shift

I spent most of yesterday converting the famous Aesop paper from Chicago style to MLA style. We all have our opinions. Chicago is easier to read once finished, but it's a lot harder to construct and trickier to edit: the first citation gets a full note, and the remainder get short ones. So take out the first quotation, and you might lose the citation information. CURSES! 

More broadly, changing from one style to another is like cleaning the kitchen floor with a toothbrush or looking for a lost contact lens in the grass. You gain a very thorough knowledge of the terrain of the paper. This doesn't contribute to your general charm and sociability. You might be able to discourse at length over a martini about the ethics of semi-colon use, and you might have saved yourself the shame of a dangling modifier (which really does sound so grotesque, like a goiter), but what good does that do you? In fact, the kind of focus and strange energy that scholarship and writing require are almost guaranteed to make your personality worse.

Anyway, the damn paper is ready to go out again. I still think it's so great I'm not even bored of reading it, but I think that I might be missing something in my navel-gazing reverie. We'll see. I'll be sure to report the results.