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Split pea soup

It's still cold out. Here's the last soup I know how to make. Yes, it's got kale in it. Kale Rescue Society says: 

If you have ham, ham broth, or bacon, it works really well in this soup. If you don't, that's okay. If you are using bacon, start by mincing (in tiny steps) two pieces of bacon and cooking it until brown.

Add some of the usual, onion/carrot/celery. Cook for another minute or five.

Add 1 tsp. cumin, some chili powder (depending on how hot it is -- what I have right now is really hot, so I put only about 1/4 tsp. in), a couple of bay leaves.

Add 1 c. yellow split peas, and 6 c. water or broth. If you use broth, don't add salt; if you use water, add some salt.

The peas take about 50 minutes to cook. So after 35 minutes, add your kale. Once I didn't have kale (only once; I usually run out of milk before I run out of kale) and I used flat leaf parsley, at least half a cup, chopped. It was pretty good. I think you could use any strong green, but I do think the green is important for look and taste.

That's it. And that's my soup repertoire. If my brother the chef, or my brother-in-law the sous chef, ever read this, perhaps they will propose a Fifth Soup for me.

Tonight I'm making chicken soup, as per "Soup of the Night," but adding a couple of teeny organic sweet potatoes. I bet it will be good. I'm also cooking up a pot of pea soup. If I have enough soup on hand, I can get through all the many meals that are required in a week without much stress. Also I can take some to my grown-up son, because soup is good for the bones, the heart, and the mind. And the hair.