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Katherine Acheson -- CV


BA Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, 1985

MA University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, 1987

PhD University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, 1993

Present Position

Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, University of Waterloo (initial appointment Dec. 1996; tenure and promotion granted 2003)

Selected Publications

"The Picture of Nature in Seventeenth-Century English Aesop's Fables." The Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies. In press.

"Military Illustration, Garden Design, and Marvell’s Upon Appleton House.” Forthcoming in English Literary Renaissance.

"Gesner, Topsell, and the Purposes of Pictures in Early Modern Natural Histories.” Forthcoming in Printed Images in Early Modern Britain: Essays in Interpretation (Ashgate, 2009), ed. Michael Hunter. 

"Anne Clifford's Style." In Lady Anne Clifford: Culture, Patronage and Gender in 17th Century Britain. Ed. Lynn Hulse. Yorkshire Archaeological Society, 2009. 117-130.

Review essay; visual art and early modern literature. Renaissance and Reformation 31(2008)2: 134-40.

Clifford, Anne. The Memoir of 1603 and the Diary of 1616-1619. Ed. Acheson. Peterborough: Broadview Press, 2006.

"Hamlet, Synecdoche and History: Teaching the Tropes of 'New Remembrance.'" College Literature. 31(2004)4: 111-134.

"'Outrage your face': Anti-Theatricality and Gender in Early Modern Closet Drama by Women." Early Modern Literary Studies. 6(2001)3: 7: 1-16.

"Authorship, Sexuality and the Psychology of Privation in Milton's Paradise Lost." ELH 67(2000)4: 905-924.

"The Modernity of the Early Modern: The Example of Anne Clifford." In Discontinuities: New Essays on Renaissance Literature and Criticism. Eds. Viviana Comensoli and Paul Stevens. Toronto: U of T P, 1998. 27-51.

Work in Progress

Visual Rhetoric and Seventeenth-Century English Print Culture. Under contract to Ashgate.

Writing Essays About Literature. Under contract to Broadview Press.

"Pictures and Purposes: Visual Rhetoric and the Illustrated Beaver, from the Bestiary to the Wikipedia.” (Article)

Recent Fellowships & Awards

Paul Mellon Centre for the Study of British Art, Travel Fellowship, 2008

UW-SSHRC, 2008, 2004

Outstanding Performance Award for 2007 (University of Waterloo)

Folger Short-Term Fellowship, 2007

Learning Initiatives Fund, 2004-2006 (Research Skills for English Studies).

Outstanding Performance Award for 2004 (University of Waterloo)