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Soup of the day

Here's the basic broth to keep us hale through winter: 

Soak 3/4 c. of navy beans overnight, then cook them up.

Chop an onion or leek, a carrot, and a celery stalk and cook in a bit of oil for a minute or two.

Add 3-4 c. or so of stock (cubes are fine), a can or so of tomatoes (I can my own, so a litre of them is fine, or maybe less if I'm feeling less tomatoey), and a peeled, chopped sweet potato (or you could use butternut squash).

Add a couple of bay leaves, some chili flake, and a sprig of thyme if you've got it.

Cook until the potato is just about done, then add 2-3 c. chopped kale and the beans; simmer for another 15 minutes.You can add a bit of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar at the end, to brighten.