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Back on Track

That's me in Rome last summer, near the wisteria that grows on the slope up to the Campadoglio.

Okay, so I'm back on track. I just sent the Aesop essay to Michael, and he'll get back to me when he can. I have to chase some photos of illustrations, and get permissions, but I should be able to do that this week.

Next I'm going to finish the other paper about natural history illustrations and send it out, then begin work on the chapter that's about genealogical trees and Milton. I'm looking forward to that. I hope while I'm at it something more inspired will occur to me about the last chapter of the book, which is going to be about microscopy, but what about microscopy I'm not entirely sure -- probably something about satire and ekphrasis. The paragone. It's coming to me.

So the beans are in the oven, and now I have to go shovel snow. Then the football game is on and I will grade Shakespeare quizzes for my wonderful first-year students during the game. Life doesn't get much better.