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PD James and Elizabeth George

I read a lot of mysteries. I have many idiosyncratic preferences, but James and George are two classic writers of British detective novels. In recent years, James has got worse and worse, chattering Anglicanism, tea and dust mote kind of stuff, while George has got better and better. Until George decided for whatever reason to marry her hero to the insufferable Helen. Realizing her error, George killed Helen off a book or two ago. She has not recovered from Helen yet, however, and her most recent -- something like Hot and Steamy In Red Scanties, not quite, but I can't remember -- is really pretty awful, though better than the one before it. James, on the other hand has -- at the age of 88 -- produced a fine mystery, interesting to the end, super characters, plausible plot, marvelous setting. So I recommend the James and not the George.