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Katherine Acheson, Associate Professor of English

 I did my BA at Carleton University in Ottawa (where I grew up), and my MA and PhD at the University of Toronto. I held a SSHRC post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford, and I taught at the University of Toronto and Concordia University before I came to Waterloo. I have been at Waterloo since January of 1997.

My areas of interest have changed over the years; while I entered my PhD program thinking I would work on early Canadian literature, I was inspired to switch to Renaissance literature by a course called "Literature and Power in Renaissance England," given by Germaine Warkentin, who would become my supervisor. During my graduate training, I found a manuscript of the memoir and diary of Anne Clifford, and went on to edit the diary for my dissertation project. I have since published both the memoir and the diary, and articles on Clifford. She remains a rewarding and interesting subject, and I have an article coming out soon (2009) on her writerly style.

Over the years I have worked on a range of topics. I have published on Milton, Shakespeare, and Renaissance drama by women. I am presently working on a study of visual rhetoric in seventeenth-century English print culture, and a book and articles on topics as diverse as the image of nature, military and horticultural illustrations, microscopy and satire, and tree diagrams, truth, and memory will be published this year and in the next few years. Please see my c.v. through the link on the left for more information about my publications and work in progress. 

My undergraduate teaching is primarily in seventeenth-century literature, including Shakespeare, but I also teach literature survey courses for majors, and English 301H (Honours Literary Studies). My graduate seminars and supervisions in recent years have been related to my current research.

I am interested in supervising graduate students, especially doctoral candidates, with interests in seventeenth-century English literature and culture, and in visual rhetoric.

I can be reached at My mailing address is: 

Department of English Language and Literature
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The telephone here is 519-888-4567 x 32122, and the fax is 519-746-5788.