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Forgive me

It's been ages since I posted. I think that is the most common entry in blogs these days. The tides of enthusiasm and all that.

So one of the beaver articles should be coming out any minute in The Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies. It's about the beavers in Aesop's, in Gesner, and elsewhere. 

A sunny Sunday in April

It's been a while. I'm sitting here reading articles about Petrarchanism in England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, prepping to set questions for a field exam for a PhD candidate. Very interesting stuff, but there's a kind of scholastic air to the whole enterprise, what dances did people do on the heads of pins? 

Illustrating our programs

The enterprising Sarah Morse and Jenn MacSporran in our office wanted some images for posters to advertise our undergraduate programs for campus day. I came up with these. I've put the literature one up as my header illustration on the site. I like doing this kind of work but it's a good thing I have a real job, as I take too long and don't do everything right. I kind of like them, though.


Style Shift

I spent most of yesterday converting the famous Aesop paper from Chicago style to MLA style. We all have our opinions. Chicago is easier to read once finished, but it's a lot harder to construct and trickier to edit: the first citation gets a full note, and the remainder get short ones. So take out the first quotation, and you might lose the citation information. CURSES! 

Refresh, refresh

It's been a while since I posted. I did go to Washington, and managed to get to the Folger a bit and do some homework. I was quite ill with something or other (not terminal. What's the opposite of terminal?) so didn't get as much done as I would have liked. (This is normal.

Parliamentary Crisis (in the 17th century)

I've been riveted to my computer and radio for the morning while grading and doing other chores, waiting for the meeting between the Governor General and Stephen Harper (erstwhile PM?) to conclude. I worked hard on the Green Party's local campaign in the last general election, and it won't surprise anyone I know that I do not want another election right now, and I support the coalition.

No New Books in the Library

That's me in Duke Humfrey's library, one of the rare book libraries at the Bodleian. You'll notice that the shelves are full of books. That's one of the distinguishing characteristics of libraries, what helps us tell them apart from car repair shops and farmer's markets.

December To-Do List

One of the reasons that academics have trouble managing the balance between teaching and research is that the two follow different timelines. In teaching, so much has to be done immediately -- prep, grading, meetings with students, exam submission -- while research tends to need concentrated stretches of time without interruption. It's as if teaching is diurnal, if that's the word I'm looking for Jeeves, working with a day-night-day schedule, while research is seasonal.

Premediation and other topics

First, apologies to the commenters, as in changing this material over to a blog format I lost your comments.

Cognitive Allegory?

Nov. 15, 2008. I'm being a guinea pig down a coal mine here with this drupal site, checking out what we can do with it. People can log on if they have an arts-faculty userid and password, same what they use for their email. Don't know if that means students or just faculty. We shall see. But the way I've got this set up, comments go at the very bottom, which is not ideal. There are some there now. We'll manage. I tried it as a blog, but I can't put pictures in the blog at this time.

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